Crispy Noodle Podcast Interview

The music group was honored to recently been interviewed by "The Crispy Noodle" Podcast. The duo talked about their music, upcoming album, and their personal lives. Being able to reconnect with old friends, it was super fun to get into the groove of the interview. They also were able to play a sneak peak of the their single "Happy Hour"and explain the purpose behind the song. Playing "True Detective" with the hosts of the show was most definitely a highlight of the interview. If you want to hear the whole podcast, including URBANO's thoughts on their music, a snippet of their single, and the hilarious True Detective segment, click the link attached! The Crispy Noodle Podcast — Episode 174

New Album Launch this Tuesday, Sep 13th

URBANO is launching their debut album "Royal Family" this upcoming Tuesday - September 13th! After almost three years of writing and recording, URBANO is ready to show the world what they have created. They wanted to blend aesthetic styles from Ris' solo career as an EDM (House) artist and John's solo career as a Hip-Hop artist. The music duo originally had 15 songs they wanted to put on their album, but being perfectionists, only chose the best 11 they had. They want their listeners to feel something different on every track, with a wide range of different styles and instrumental variations. Their main goal was to have their listeners feeling as happy as they were making this music. Don't forget to sign up for their mailing list! Download the album starting at 12 noon on Tuesday - September 13th!

LECTRIQ Collaboration

URBANO is so excited to be apart of this huge collaboration with LECTRIQ, also known as Maxim Laskavy. Lectriq is an American record producer, remixer, and mixing engineer. Working from the Philadelphia area, his studio abuts Milkboy Studios on the third floor, located right next to the Electric Factory. Lectriq is on the Grammy Committee, combining his passion and knowledge of Pop, EDM, Tech and Deep House records. Working with Lectriq has expanded their musical composition as well as their aesthetic style, as each person has been able to bring something unique to the collaboration. It is a fresh experience they have never had before, being able to work with an in-house producer and building each little part within the actual studio. Stay tuned for this collaboration!